The Challenge

Property Sciences began noticing their institutional clients were requesting appraisals and valuations to be done with ARGUS Enterprise, as the software has become the real estate industry standard for asset management. Their clients expressed the need for compatibility to ensure they could easily incorporate appraisals into ARGUS Enterprise, which offers them visibility across their entire portfolio.

The Solution

As the demand to receive appraisals in a different format grew, it became clear to Arthur Neudek, MAI, Vice President of the Commercial Division at Property Sciences that the firm needed to make the move to ARGUS Enterprise in order to keep up with their client base and the direction of the industry.

Having used ARGUS DCF for many years, the Property Sciences team was uncertain about making the change. However, with the help of the customer support offered by ARGUS, they were running ARGUS Enterprise in just a few weeks.

The Results

The benefits of implementing ARGUS Enterprise were immediate. The firm was able to generate accurate and quality appraisals as they had always done, and now it was in a format their clients use every day.

“The turning point for us was the realization that ARGUS Enterprise was now the standard in the industry. Without this software, our institutional client base couldn’t grow, so this was a real stepping stone forward for our firm,” said Neudek.

Property Sciences clients were very appreciative that they listened to their changing needs and the firm took the necessary steps to provide them with compatible appraisals making their job easier.