Get more from ARGUS with one powerful platform

Put ARGUS Cloud at the heart of your technology strategy with a platform that enables you to do more with your ARGUS applications on the cloud. 

Simplify IT infrastructure

Eliminate the complex IT requirements needed to run on-premise applications across your organization. ARGUS Cloud centralizes your ARGUS applications, tools and data to create a single platform for investment management and development, that’s available anytime, anywhere.  

Increase productivity with approval workflows

ARGUS Cloud is built around your data. With your team and applications in a single location, it’s easy to streamline collaboration and enhance project visibility. Create custom workflows with real-time tracking and approval for your key tasks by easily connecting your asset data to the jobs that need to be done.

Unlock your data with the ARGUS API

Open the ARGUS ecosystem and change the way you capture and use your ARGUS Data. The ARGUS API provides greater access to your ARGUS Enterprise model data points in the cloud and paves the way to more easily connect industry applications, build custom tools and reporting and streamline real estate workflows.  

Complete investment visibility

Create a direct line from asset performance to investor returns with the ARGUS Investment Suite. ARGUS Cloud brings together ARGUS Taliance, ARGUS Enterprise and ARGUS Voyanta to create a global asset and investment management solution.

Powerful benchmarking and analytics

Discover meaningful insights hidden within your existing ARGUS Enterprise data using intelligent analytics tools. Use powerful benchmarking tools and portfolio dashboards to drill down into a specific property and compare it to past deals, past performance, other properties in your portfolio and more.  

Connect to web applications

Leverage your ARGUS Enterprise data for use in new web apps like ARGUS Acquire. ARGUS Acquire brings together your key acquisitions data, workflows and financial models to help pitch winning deal strategies and meet capital deployment targets.  

ARGUS Enterprise Powered by Cloud

ARGUS Cloud extends ARGUS Enterprise to the cloud and provides enhanced functionality, tools and applications for asset and portfolio management teams. ARGUS Cloud puts your data at the heart of every task and makes it easy to collaborate in a single, secure platform.

ARGUS Developer Powered by Cloud

ARGUS Cloud extends ARGUS Developer to the cloud, providing the complete ARGUS Developer experience accessible anywhere, anytime.

ARGUS Taliance Powered by Cloud

ARGUS Cloud extends ARGUS Taliance to the cloud and provides enhanced functionality, tools and applications for asset and portfolio management teams. Get the most advanced solution for the CRE business from asset performance to investor returns.

Take the first step towards the next generation of CRE applications

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