ARGUS software consulting services

Services that help simplify and streamline your most complex tasks - from valuations and budgeting to financial forecasting and reporting

Our experienced team of software professionals bring a wealth of real estate knowledge and will work closely with you to help build a sustainable environment that supports your company’s growth.

Business process optimization

Using industry best practices, our team can help you simplify and streamline your most complex business processes so you can operate more effectively.

Financial modeling

Data validation; property and portfolio modeling from source data; data migration from legacy systems; and data integrity summarization.

Custom reporting

Create custom reports from source data for additional validations and risk assessments.

Data integration

Integrate data and core systems to control data and streamline your work efforts. Create a single source of truth to optimize your business processes.

Software implementation

Software installation, Software configuration, User account set-up, Chart of Accounts mapping, Property and tenant classifications, Portfolio scenario and asset workflow

Simplify and streamline your most complex tasks

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