Open source compliance

View our ARGUS Enterprise open source compliance notes.

LGPL Requirements

ARGUS Enterprise 11.8 uses a component called DotNetBrowser that includes Chromium open source made available through the LGPL and BSD license agreements. See the list of Chromium components and their associated licenses used in ARGUS Enterprise. See the text of LGPL 2.1 and 2.0.


Source Code

The source code of LGPL library is located in the archive with DotNetBrowser object files and the build script in


Ability to Modify

It is possible to download DotNetBrowser in a form of object files, that allow to relink it with a modified version of LGPL components:

Instructions on how to rebuild DotNetBrowser and integrate into the AE solution can be found here.


LGPL License text

The license text files are provided on the ARGUS Enterprise downloads page. 


Download Notice

Prominent notice of the use of DotNetBrowser and its use within ARGUS Enterprise can be found within the installation package found on the ARGUS Enterprise downloads page.


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