Power the next generation of ARGUS applications

Put ARGUS Cloud at the heart of your technology strategy with a platform that enables you to do more with your ARGUS data on the cloud. 

With ARGUS Cloud you can leverage your ARGUS data to find deeper insights, collaborate across teams and streamline your commercial real estate workflows.

Key benefits of ARGUS Cloud

Simplify IT infrastructure


Centralize your ARGUS applications, tools and data to create a single platform for investment management and development, that’s available anytime, anywhere.  

Powerful benchmarking and analytics


Use powerful benchmarking tools to drill down into a specific property and compare it to past deals, past performance, other properties in your portfolio and more.

Build approval workflows


Create custom workflows with real-time tracking and approval for your key tasks by easily connecting your asset data to the jobs that need to be done.

Connect to web applications


Leverage your ARGUS Enterprise data for use in new web apps like ARGUS Acquire, our real estate acquisition deals and pipeline management software.

Unlock your data with the ARGUS API


The ARGUS API provides greater access to your ARGUS Enterprise data and allows you to streamline your real estate workflows.

Complete investment visibility


ARGUS Cloud brings together ARGUS Taliance, ARGUS Enterprise, and ARGUS Voyanta to create a global asset and investment management solution.

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Commercial property valuation and real estate asset management software


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Real estate fund and alternative investment management software


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Real estate development pro forma, project financing and management software


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ARGUS Acquire

Real estate acquisition deals and pipeline management software


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Introducing ARGUS Cloud Warehouse

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Property Development Feasibility Guide Part 1 – How to determine the best financial outcome for your next development project

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REIT vs. Real Estate Fund – What’s the Difference?

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Video: Major Commercial Real Estate Asset Classes

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Common Terms to Know in Real Estate Fund Investing

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April 30, 2021

This article will discuss a few terms often found in the prospectus for a real estate fund offering and cover what you need to know about the terms.


Video: Commercial Property Comparative Analysis using ARGUS Cloud

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April 23, 2021

Jessica Leal, shares in detail how to use commercial property comparative analysis (sales comps) as modeled in ARGUS Enterprise for Cloud.


What’s in a Real Estate Fund Prospectus?

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This article will take a look at a real estate investment prospectus and the major pieces of information that are included.

Events & Webinar

Driving higher multi-family valuations

year-2021 product-argus-enterprise

April 15, 2021

Achieving higher valuations in your multi-family portfolio requires an understanding of where you stand today, where you need to be in the future, and what it’s going to take to get there. In this webinar, our experts and industry leaders from GWL Realty Advisors and Kairoi Residential share their insights and experiences.


DataExchange is now ARGUS ValueInsight

year-2021 category-altus-group-updates category-product-updates product-argus-valueinsight

April 18, 2021

DataExchange, our global software solution that helps clients simplify their valuation management process, has officially joined the ARGUS family of software products and has a new name – ARGUS ValueInsight.

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