Portfolio Analysis and Reporting

Gain deeper insights and manage risk with total visibility into your entire portfolio in one consolidated view, that exposes opportunities and monitors market changes in real-time.

Data Consolidation and Security

All your data is mapped and standardized against specific requirements enabling secure and auditable access to your complete portfolio at any time.

Data Collection and Management

Integrate your existing solutions so that everything is connected and managed from a single location, and automate data uploads from all providers to ensure continuity and consistency.

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Data Management

Access the Right Data at the Right Time

Eliminate inefficient information collection and centralized data in a single platform. Connect third-party accounting and property data systems and standardize workflows to gain visibility more effectively.

Ensure Your Data is Accurate

Always make well-informed investment decisions with the most accurate and fresh performance data. Push your data through critical filters and business rules to ensure that it is complete, clean, and exact so that you can confidently make the right choices for your portfolio.





Gain Transparency with Analytics & Reporting

Easily navigate, sort, and segment your performance data to show the successes and vulnerabilities of each part of your portfolio. Offer a transparent view of your portfolio and risks so that stakeholders are never surprised about important actions taken to improve performance.

Flexible Reporting & Integration with Excel

Get the best of both worlds when specific projects call for a simplified data management solution to help you remain nimble and highly flexible. Build tailored solutions that maximize the features of ARGUS Voyanta and the time-tested modeling that can be done using Excel—saving you time and expanding your opportunities.

Streamline Workflows with ARGUS Enterprise

Get data in and out of your ARGUS Enterprise models easily with a direct line to all of your clean, standardized information. Now you no longer have to enter data manually and can start running scenarios quickly to maximize investment performance.





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