Subscription Offerings

Sign up today and start using powerful solutions that match your business needs. Built for individuals and teams with online account management to easily add, remove or renew subscriptions. With monthly, annual, and multi-year pricing, only pay for the service that you need.

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Zero Infrastructure Required

With our hosted solution, you no longer need to worry about the costs of added infrastructure and ongoing maintenance to run your business. Just download a small Citrix plugin for your computer and start working immediately with full support and 24/7 monitoring to ensure peak performance is always delivered.

Compatibility on Any Device

Mac or PC? It doesn’t matter. Use your services on any computer and know they’ll work right every time. Easily collaborate and share information across teams with a dedicated and secure database.

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Argus On Demand Offerings

ARGUS Enterprise

Consolidate your portfolio data into a centrally-managed enterprise platform that will help you consistently improve the value of your portfolio and drive efficiencies throughout your development projects.

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For brokers, appraisers, buyers and sellers, perform investment analysis, cash flow forecasting, valuations and IRRs.

Basic Edition

Basic Edition with more robust analytics & portfolio analysis for asset and portfolio managers.

Standard Edition

ARGUS Developer

Simplify day-to-day operations and provide access to investment decisions for stakeholders, investors, and members of your team. Plus, build consistent and accurate development project models with streamlined timelines and fine-tuned budget management processes to meet the needs of your business, investors, and stakeholders.

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Complete development analysis and investor reporting

Project Feasibility and Finance Structuring