Save Time Modeling

Combine feasibility with sensitivity analysis and powerful discounted cashflow tools, and manage projects on a single, smart platform.

Reduce Errors

Model property development, create cashflow models, and structure complex financing sources to see where potential risks and future returns may occur.

End-to-End Management

Organize and structure single-and multi-phased projects in an environment that lets all stakeholders see and understand the project scope and progress.

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Project Planning

Timescale and Phasing

The days of manually building one-off feasibility models and comparative scenarios are long past. ARGUS Developer makes modeling easy by providing simple tools to complete feasibility analysis and assemessments, so you can get the best possible scenario for each project.

Sensitivity Scenarios

Understand the implications of changes to financial plans, time scales, and phasing for your projects without spending excess time building scenarios into spreadsheets. Using tools specifically designed for sensitivity testing will help you more easily identify risks and give you more time to manage them.

Project Financing

Finance Structures

Secure the right capital from investors and lenders on terms that align to each unique development scenario so you can operate with confidence knowing that cash flows will align to project requirements throughout all stages of your projects.

Project Monitoring

Comprehensive Reporting

Get the big picture on how every project in your portfolio is performing individually and as part of the whole. Extract high-level summaries to share with stakeholders and team members to show them what is working, and where efficiencies can be improved.

Cost Control

Keep on top of projects and start managing risks before they happen with a single solution to manage actuals against budgets and forecasts. Start making real-time decisions confidently knowing processes and data have been streamlined and your entire team is working off the same information.

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