Altus Group Launches Next Generation Software Platform ARGUS Cloud and Web Application ARGUS Acquire to Enhance Investment Performance for Commercial Real Estate Industry


Clean data in real estate - is it truly possible?

An interview with James Hutton, Product Manager, ARGUS Voyanta

ARGUS Solutions

ARGUS Enterprise

Maximize valuations and make real-time investment decisions confidently

ARGUS Developer

Gain transparency and deliver expected returns with every development project

ARGUS EstateMaster

Intuitive development modelling and management solution.

ARGUS Voyanta

Centralized data for game-changing results

ARGUS University Challenge

ARGUS University Challenge

Teams of aspiring real estate professionals, sponsored by a participating professor, are challenged to present a paper with the best investment analysis and conclusion for a fictitious real estate opportunity.


Hear from past winners

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Data Solutions

Altus Analytics Advisory and Data Solutions

We Have the Canadian Real Estate Market Covered

We are your single source for nationally researched real estate market data, backed by local expertise. Our trusted solutions connect the real estate industry, including appraisers, investors, lenders, real estate brokers, suppliers, government, builders and developers.

Our real estate data coverage spans across:

  • New Homes
  • Investment Transactions
  • Market Inventory & Dynamics
  • Housing Market Intelligence
  • Consumer Home Buying & Borrowing Intelligence
  • Development Application Monitoring

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