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Infrastructure Advisory

Building on a solid foundation of experience in traditional public infrastructure projects, Altus Group has proven to be an industry leader, providing independent and unbiased analysis with regards to public and private sector project finance. Through this service, you receive expert guidance throughout the life of your project, minimizing risk, enhancing your cost controlling measures, and properly managing your assets. 

Capable, well-structured, and risk focused, your project will draw on our expertise, developed over hundreds of projects across a range of sectors and geographic locations, ensuring that you receive unrivalled independent advice and solutions that benefit you.

In addition, as experts in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and Alternative Finance Procurement (AFP) projects across a wide variety of infrastructure sectors, Altus has adopted an integrated approach to our advisory services. Our clients benefit from our internally developed analytical tools for project risk evaluation and process optimization. We provide services from initial concept to procurement; through construction and the concession period.  

Procurement Advisory Services

We provide consulting and advice to the sponsor of infrastructure projects including review of business case for procurement under the PPP model, contractual terms, review and/or development of output specifications. We are the trusted provider of Lenders Technical Advisory services including risk identification and mitigation measures to ensure the successful outcome of any project. 

Lenders Technical Advisor

Lenders will receive independent overview of the project addressing project risks. Our review includes confirmation of the adequacy of the project budgets, ability of the development team to execute the project, assessment of timelines, overview of statutory requirements. We provide this service throughout the development phase to ensure Lenders' risks are identified. 

Benchmarking & Analysis

Having been involved in over 500 PPP infrastructure projects over the past decade, we have assembled an unmatched database of cost, schedule and risk information in every major market across Canada. Equally important, benchmarking specific development projects against a competitive set can allow for better planning, decision making and will give all stakeholders a robust understanding of the comprehensive risks associated with the project. 

Independent Certifier

We objectively and independently assess all aspects of a project on behalf of the stakeholders from construction commencement to Substantial Completion and turn-over. We monitor every aspect of the project to ensure compliance with the Project Agreement. In the event of a dispute under the Project Agreement we provide an independent opinion.

Asset Advisory Services

Our in house property condition assessment  team can assist in optimizing the return on your investment. This includes a review of the physical assets, review of the capital reserve fund, recommendations on optimal use between capital spend and maintenance spend.