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Altus Expert Services

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There is a strong demand out there for expert opinion on property issues. No one knows this better than Altus Expert Services®. We have built our reputation as an industry leader by delivering the highest standard of independent expert services for a wide variety of disputed property claims and contested issues. Independent and advisory teams lead the way in Canada, drawing on global perspective, with an unmatched level of depth and diversity of experience, technical capabilities, and access to the vast, firm-wide data resources of Altus Group.

Altus Expert Services® offers industry-leading valuation expertise for assistance in property disputes across national markets. Our experienced professionals possess a wide range of specialized skills, knowledge and extensive experience in local and national markets and have testified in federal and provincial courts, administrative hearings, tribunals and other court-appointed board hearings.

Our practitioners can assist in any stage of a property dispute, whether as advisors, expert witnesses or arbitrators/nominees in mediation or arbitration hearings. We provide industry-leading expertise and a commitment to the highest level of service for any aspect of the dispute – through valuation consultation prior to the exchange of pleadings or expert opinion at trial. Altus Expert Services® professionals are available for dependable service and credible assistance, informed by our seasoned market experience and comprehensive data resources.

We provide advisory and valuation support for property disputes, including:

  • Lease disputes, such as rent determination on review or renewal
  • Complex business disputes involving partnership, shareholder and other stakeholder claims
  • Quantification of loss and damages from Expropriation and Eminent Domain takings
  • Aboriginal land claim and treaty disputes
  • Mortgage remedies and fraudulent claims
  • Insurance claims
  • Negligent construction claims and damages
  • Property contamination and other environmental impairment issues
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring
  • Asset divestiture by court order, estate disputes, etc.
The hallmarks of Altus Expert Services® are intellectual rigor, innovation, comprehensive data resources and local experience across national offices. Our practice showcases the capabilities of senior practitioners who offer expert support to the business and legal environments.