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Developer & Lender Services

Altus Group is a leader in the real estate development industry, offering professional cost planning, value management, developer pro-forma preparation and loan monitoring services to developers and lenders across all stages including land acquisition, planning, construction and operations. 

Developers will receive a review and/or preparation of project budgets, construction cost estimates, procurement advice, assistance in securing financing, scheduling, change order reviews, claims, reserve fund studies and property condition assessments.

Development Administration

At Altus Group we have developed a diversified team of experts who provide monthly draw approvals, scheduling services, payment certification and change order reviews. Our services include the periodic review and analysis of the project risks including insurances, offsite material certifications, compliance with statutory requirements and any specific ad-hoc stakeholder requirements. 


Risk Management

Comprehensive risk assessment, monitoring and management identify components that are crucial to the successful completion of a capital development project. Given our extensive knowledge and experience in project management we quickly identify and qualify project risks then assure measures are taken to ensure the successful completion of the project. 

Project Controls

Project Controls establishes and manages stakeholders' expectations relative to project budgets and time. Our team of professionals have extensive experience in overseeing projects in all asset classes throughout all phases of the development process. This, combined with our extensive proprietary database of cost and schedule metrics, will provide independent and comprehensive reporting on the project. 

Benchmarking & Analysis

Having managed development and construction projects for over 50 years, we have assembled a database of cost information in every major market across Canada. Our clients benefit from our data analysis to make informed decisions about their developments. Equally important, benchmarking specific development projects against a competitive set can allow for better planning and decision making.

Lenders Technical Advisor

Lenders will receive independent overview of the project addressing project risks. Our review includes confirmation of the adequacy of the project budgets, ability of the development team to execute the project, assessment of timelines, overview of statutory requirements. We provide this service throughout the development phase to ensure Lenders' risks are identified.