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Cost Management

For more than 50 years Altus Group has been a trusted source of accurate cost management consulting expertise, comprehensive capital cost analysis and planning, and real estate and infrastructure market information. We go beyond the traditional cost consulting and quantity surveying role to provide our clients with a wide range of management advice on all aspects of capital expenditures. We maintain an extensive database of benchmark costs and ensure that our past experience is applied to every new assignment. 

Pre-construction cost planning and budget control objectives include: providing cost estimates that can be used as a tool to predict expected costs and help maintain the client’s budget; providing value management services; exploring life-cycle costing and advising on appropriate procurement methodologies.

Cost Planning

Our team of experienced cost consultants will work closely with the project team from initial concept through all phases of design development and working drawings. We will establish a cost plan that will capture all cost elements and risk items. We will monitor, manage and control the cost plan throughout the design and working drawing stages at established milestones. Our in-house team includes mechanical and electrical engineers, specializing in cost matters together with professionals with experience in pre-construction services and post contract services. 


Value Management

We provide value management services that enable stakeholders to achieve the appropriate balance between cost and design to ensure program objectives are achieved. Our experienced cost consultants, mechanical and electrical engineers, project managers and quantity surveyors are recognized experts in the industry and can help you and your team review all alternative design, materials and systems ensuring that the decisions will achieve optimum outcomes.

Scheduling Analysis

Planning and scheduling are critical to ensure success of the project. We have experts that can develop and/or monitor schedules. We can develop a schedule and provide regular progress reports, variance reports and third party audits to supplement your team. Our proactive monitoring and analysis is a key component for early detection of problems and establishing a mitigation plan. 

Project Controls

Project Controls establishes and manages stakeholders' expectations relative to project budgets and time. Our team of professionals have extensive experience in overseeing projects in all asset classes throughout all phases of the development process. This, combined with our extensive proprietary database of cost and schedule metrics, will provide independent and comprehensive reporting on the project.