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Construction Contract Solutions

Understanding, navigating and properly developing a contract is crucial for ensuring the successful flow of your project from inception through to completion. Drawing on the service expertise of Altus Group, you receive expert insight throughout North America for the proper development, due diligence and risk allocation of your contract, supporting you in your project. 

In utilizing our expertise, you have access to unmatched knowledge and services, helping to protect your interests. In order to ensure you are properly protected within your contract, we focus on providing you invaluable market insight. From scheduling and analysis, procurement and dispute avoidance, to entire contract development and project control implementation, your contract solutions will be uniquely developed to protect your interests under your contract.

Procurement Advisory Services

We provide consulting and advice to the sponsor of infrastructure projects including review of business case for procurement under the PPP model, contractual terms, review and/or development of output specifications. We are the trusted provider of Lenders Technical Advisory services including risk identification and mitigation measures to ensure the successful outcome of any project. 

Project Controls

Project Controls establishes and manages stakeholders' expectations relative to project budgets and time. Our team of professionals have extensive experience in overseeing projects in all asset classes throughout all phases of the development process. This, combined with our extensive proprietary database of cost and schedule metrics, will provide independent and comprehensive reporting on the project. 

Scheduling Analysis and Commercial Support

A key to project success is schedule management. At Altus our approach is to establish a base schedule in keeping with contracts to ensure that your project keeps momentum. We provide progress reports, variance analysis and third-party audits in support of your contract and overall schedule. Schedule Analysis allows for early detection of problems and proactive resolution.

Expert Services

Our practitioners can assist in any stage of the development and construction process, whether as an advisor, expert witness or arbitrator/nominee in mediation or arbitration hearings. We provide industry leading expertise and a commitment to the highest level of service for any aspect of the dispute – through cost and schedule analysis, including claim avoidance, defense and preparation of claims leading to expert opinion at trial.