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ARGUS Developer Modeling

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Real estate development has become more complex. As such the real estate industry is in the midst of moving from self-constructed Excel spreadsheets to the leading commercial real estate software - ARGUS Developer. The combination of the need to set out future events in a logical framework, cash flow, and the need to model often complex financial arrangements – added to the fact these models are dynamic requiring changes at regular intervals – means that the tool used to evaluate construction projects must be powerful, flexible and reliable. 

As the leading global provider of independent professional advisory services, software and data solutions to the commercial real estate industry, we are committed to providing our clients with the professional advice, software and analysis that enhance their ability to make choices with clarity and confidence, while maximizing value.

Altus Group is introducing property developers, investors, agents and lenders to ARGUS Developer. This platform streamlines complete project costs, timing, cash flows, feasibility and investment structures into one customizable bundle. We  are working  with clients to test assumptions and layer in sensitivity analysis to help choose the best project scenarios. In-turn clients are gaining a complete understanding of a project’s  risks and returns  for precise deal structuring. In addition the comprehensive analysis reports generated by ARGUS Developer are being used to facilitate raising of debt and equity and update investors on projected returns through the life of the project.

Real estate projects where Clients are utilizing ARGUS Developer include:

  • Integrating development revenue and cost modeling for various straightforward projects   involving residential, industrial, retail and office developments
  • Analyzing  and optimization of the financial potential for multifaceted mixed-use, multi-phased developments
  • Development analysis for refurbishing in taking an existing building and upgrading
  • Feasibility analysis for re purposing buildings by changing asset class use
  • Analysis to determine the development land value / bid value of a parcel dependent upon the use that it is put to

We are here to help with our client’s success. We would be pleased to demonstrate ARGUS Developer that is evolving as the new principal yardstick for the industry.