This group provides strategic advice and information to private and public sector clients using state-of-the-art research technology, in-house expertise, extensive databases, leading-edge analytical techniques and the global presence of Altus Group.

Our work includes:

  • Real Estate Market Analysis – We provide a wide range of studies focused on short and long-term real estate projections and market dynamics, combining detailed local market analysis and a thorough understanding of economic conditions and forecasting.
  • Site Location Analyses – Our expertise and our complete range of analytical tools enable us to measure supply and demand within a given territory. We analyze sites, delineate trade areas, evaluate socio-demographic characteristics, estimate market potential, identify and assess competition, establish sales forecast scenarios and determine impact on sister facilities or on competitive establishments.
  • Consumer Behaviour – Based on rigorous survey and market segmentation techniques, we can research your customers and help analyze your client base. We conduct telephone, web and mail intercept surveys.
  • Retail Marketing – Our professionals have an intimate knowledge and background in retail marketing. We can help you position your business vis-à-vis your competition, as well as highlight your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Land-Use Planning  Prospective analysis of a municipality’s commercial infrastructure, revitalization of commercial streets and downtowns, impact analyses, socio-demographic profiles, etc.
  • Geomarketing – We rely on high-performance geographic information systems (GIS) to carry out numerous assignments. Since all of our databases are geo-referenced, we can easily map the distribution of customers based on their postal codes, plot the distribution of sales and determine market penetration and coverage, and visualize the location of competitive establishments.

We offer a full range of retail research and marketing services based on an intimate knowledge of the retail market, and the stakes facing retailers, developers, as well as public and quasi-public organizations.