As CRE continues its position as the fourth asset class, asset, portfolio and investment managers are challenged more than ever to unlock the potential of data to make better decisions. But the road ahead still has many hurdles including data management challenges, a lack of benchmarking standards and capabilities, and the level of executive buy-in. The latest Altus Group CRE Innovation Report “Harnessing the Power of Data in Commercial Real Estate: Is the Industry Crossing the Data Chasm?” looks at the current state of data-driven CRE technology innovation, and how the industry can take better advantage of data and analytics to increase value, minimize risk, and make more strategic decisions in real-time.

The Results

Our latest Altus Group CRE Innovation Report asks over 300 CRE executives about the challenges of leveraging data and analytics within their business to enable improved decision-making.

This report address the following questions:

  • The CRE industry is embracing the benefits of technology and data but is the true potential of analytics being realized and where does the industry still need to improve?
  • Does the industry have enough benchmarking data and is the industry making this a priority?
  • Are CRE executives embracing, using and becoming active sponsors of data and analytics?