Corporate Governance

With solid and steadfast leadership, the Board of Directors of Altus Group Limited oversees corporate governance guidelines for public companies to ensure accountability and transparency to shareholders. It also supports the management committee by providing a stable base of advice regarding ongoing strategy and business operations. Importantly, the Board continuously seeks out governance best practices to ensure the reputation of Altus Group Limited remains above reproach.

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Committee Charters

        Audit Committee Charter

        Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee Charter

        Human Resources and Compensation Committee Charter

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Harvey S. Naglie


Mr. Naglie is a senior policy advisor for the Government of Ontario. Previously, he held senior positions at Mount Sinai Hospital, Financial Executives International and BT Bank of Canada. Mr. Naglie is a Certified Management Accountant and a Certified Director.  

Member Committees


Eric W. Slavens, Chair 
Sandy McArthur
Harvey S. Naglie

Corporate Governance and Nominating

Diane MacDiarmid, Chair
Carl Farrell
Raymond Mikulich 

Eric W. Slavens

Human Resource and Compensation

Tony Gaffney, Chair
Diane MacDiarmid
Sandy McArthur
Raymond Mikulich