Whether a hotel-condo in the heart of the city, a mid-rise rental apartment, a suburban town home or a landmark conversion, our qualified experts possess the professional competence needed to guide clients to the successful completion of their projects on time and on budget. Even before land acquisition, Altus professionals can determine the optimal residential program, based on location and marketability, to maximize stakeholder returns and profitability. Our unrivalled experience in design efficiencies and project pro formas combined with the expertise of our consultants means we understand complex variables such as suite mix, mechanical and electrical concentration, cladding ratios, suite finishes, the intricacies of deferrals/deposits/loan funding, occupancy income and more.

This knowledge enables us to confidently guide both developers and financiers throughout the development process while providing detailed financial analysis, revenue and profitability assessment, and constant advice on risk-identification management of the project budget.

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