Whether a conversion, renovation or new construction project, hospitality developments are unique: internal and external aesthetics are a critical component; additional logistical planning is necessary; interim and permanent financing is often challenging; and numerous parties are involved. Altus Group helps you make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Procurement strategies, development costs and building functionality are all crucial elements in hospitality developments. These factors require careful management and cost control to ensure desired business solutions, and Altus is particularly qualified to provide the necessary comprehensive services.

 We work closely with franchisors, franchisees, operators and suppliers in the industry to consistently and successfully guide clients throughout this complex development process. Our professionals closely monitor financial trends affecting key components of hotel capital expenditures including Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E), Operating Supplies and Equipment (OS&E), hard and soft costs and more.

We have developed cross-divisional expertise and resources from our work on diverse, high-profile projects including mixed-use (condo/hotel) facilities, individual budget hotels, boutique hotels, large, luxury developments as well as sprawling casino resorts.

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