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At the intersection that drives critical decision making, we bring you greater insight to make timely and informed decisions with our independent advisory services, software, and data solutions for the global commercial real estate industry.
Make great decisions the first time with more accurate forecasting and scenario testing.

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Our software, data and advisory solutions can help you uncover the actionable insights within your data to enhance decision making, drive performance and optimize transactional efficiency.
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Accurate forecasting and scenario testing with ARGUS Enterprise
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Efficient modelling and project management with ARGUS Developer
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Flexible and intuitive development modelling with ARGUS EstateMaster
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Centralized data management with ARGUS Voyanta
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  • Property Tax
  • State & Local Tax
  • Cost & Project Management

Property Tax

Get access to the facts that can impact your property tax liabilities and help you find ways to decrease your tax obligations.

Our Property Tax professionals are highly trained and experienced in all matters relating to property assessment and taxation. They are committed to ensuring the tax burden levied against your properties is the lowest possible. From compliance with the increasingly complex assessment legislation, through to conducting sophisticated valuation analysis and appeals, our professionals ensure that our clients realize the most effective management of their property tax liabilities.

State & Local Tax

Ensure compliance with state tax laws while minimizing your tax burden—improving your profitability with practical solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our State and Local Tax professionals span multiple disciplines to create comprehensive strategies that manage the complexities of operating within a multi-state, multi-tax environment. Our professionals work alongside your team to design a sustainable approach, specific to your needs, that will uncover hidden value, mitigate areas of risk, and produce lasting results into the future.

Cost & Project Management

Strategically manage project cost, time, quality, and performance outcomes to reduce risk and keep every project on track.

We are the trusted, independent source of construction cost and project management. Our skilled professionals provide expertise as well as access to the unparalleled benchmarking data and cutting-edge software that empowers effective project delivery across all asset types. Get the right advice and management for real estate and infrastructure projects at any stage from inception through operation.

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