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Make the right decisions and see better results with a trusted, proven partner to manage a variety of projects, business requirements and mandates.
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Our multi-disciplinary consulting and research teams combine global expertise with regional market knowledge to provide clients the greatest visibility and insight to make the right decisions on their investments.

Property Tax

Access the facts that impact your property tax liabilities and find ways to decrease your tax obligations.

Our Property Tax professionals are highly trained and experienced in all matters relating to property assessment and taxation. From compliance with increasingly complex assessment legislation, through to conducting sophisticated valuation and property tax analysis and assessment appeals, our professionals ensure that our clients realize the most effective management of their property tax liabilities.

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State & Local Tax

Ensure compliance with state tax laws while minimizing your tax burden—improving your profitability with practical solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our State and Local Tax professionals span multiple disciplines to create comprehensive strategies that manage the complexities of operating within a multi-state, multi-tax environment. Our professionals work alongside your team to design a sustainable approach, specific to your needs, that will uncover hidden value, mitigate areas of risk, and produce lasting results into the future.

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Cost & Project Management

Strategically manage project cost, time, quality, and performance outcomes to reduce risk and keep every project on track.

We are the trusted, independent source of construction cost and project management. Our skilled professionals provide expertise as well as access to the unparalleled benchmarking data and cutting-edge software that empowers effective project delivery across all asset types. Get the right advice for real estate and infrastructure projects at any stage from inception through operation.

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Featured Case Studies

Florida Acute Care Hospital

Market data provides client with accurate value assessment and savings

Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center

Assessment reduction generated over $6M in savings

One Bloor West

Tender Analysis, Value Management, Project Monitoring

Skilled Nursing Facility

Appealed and reduced the assessed value from $21.3 million to $15.8 million
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