The Challenge

At over 100 years old, Union Station is a designated National Historic site as well as Canada’s busiest transportation hub. The revitalization of this station comprises an expanded concourse, increased access, heritage restoration and new retail floors below the concourse. During construction, the project became delayed and the client came to Altus Group for help.

The Solution

Altus Group undertook a complex project and the associated changes and delays during the construction phase. Using the considerable experience and analytic capabilities of our Construction Contract Solutions team, our experts found the root cause of the delays, and produced a coherent narrative that reflected the real issues of the project. This allowed the client to make informed decisions on the best course of action. Challenges and solutions include:

  • This complex project had a bespoke contract and numerous contract changes (1,300+ change directives to date). We implemented a robust system for identifying specific areas of delay as well as reviewing and linking relevant changes to produce a complete pack for each of the delay areas.
  • The project encountered multiple competing issues that drove various areas of delay. Our team employed an analytical approach to reviewing 120+ schedule updates to identify critical delay elements. We translated these elements into understandable portions of analysis.
  • Due to the complex, concurrent and differing causes of delay and their impact, the client required a simple and understandable presentation of the narrative. Altus Group provided analysis and narrative reports, distilled into simple issues and areas. Our overarching head document was used to draw various issues together into a concise and understandable report for the final claim.