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Value property, secure capital and generate returns

Industry-leading commercial real estate software for asset and portfolio management, ARGUS Enterprise enables organizations to project the performance of their commercial real estate assets throughout the investment lifecycle.

Better views on cash flows and valuations

Reduce data errors and gain clarity around your cash flow and its effect on value. Whether operating locally or on a global scale, comprehensive cash flow modelling combined with the most trusted calculation engine in CRE, ensure the right decisions are made for every property and portfolio.

Faster transaction analysis

Transact on properties faster. ARGUS Enterprise provides transparency into key property investment KPIs alongside historical data so consolidating market data, running sensitivity scenarios and positioning properties with industry expertise is easier than ever.

Accelerate budgeting and forecasting processes

Deliver expected returns and save time on budgeting for your entire portfolio. ARGUS Enterprise consolidates actuals, budgets, and forecasts into a single set of performance figures so you can easily track your performance and adjust as needed.

Run sensitivity and scenario analysis

Reduce forecast cycle time with consolidations and scenarios that take minutes not days to create, run and compare. Easily evaluate multiple scenarios on cross-sections of your entire portfolio or on single assets and stress test multiple variables at once using the trusted ARGUS calculation engine to perform powerful sensitivity analysis.

Portfolio reporting & data analysis

Instantly run configurable reports on a single asset or entire portfolio and clearly identify risks and returns and provide transparency to key stakeholders.

When reports alone aren’t enough, take ARGUS Enterprise to the cloud to leverage data analysis tools like benchmark that create internal benchmark data across your portfolio and assist with critical decision making.

Collaborate across teams

Centralize the data, tools and people that keep your business running. ARGUS Enterprise provides a single point of access to your ARGUS data – anytime, anywhere on the cloud. Collaborate across teams and and connect with stakeholders like never before starting now with ARGUS Enterprise powered by CLOUD.


ARGUS Enterprise drives results for clients

ARGUS Enterprise enables commercial real estate and financial institutions to save valuable time and money by shortening critical business processes and evaluating property information for maximum returns. See what our clients are saying about ARGUS Enterprise.

Unlock your CRE data with ARGUS Enterprise

Investment Suite

Create a direct line from asset performance to investor returns.


A platform that lets you do more with your ARGUS data

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