Since 1991 EstateMaster has been developing a suite of powerful, flexible and easy-to-use property development, valuation and investment software, designed from the ground up by property professionals for property professionals.

EstateMaster is used by over 20,000 users across the Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, India, Middle East, United Kingdom and United States. Our financial models play a pivotal role in decision-making between developers, financiers and valuers; and strive to achieve world’s best practice for development feasibility, development management, investment analysis and valuation practices.

The products that form part of the EstateMaster software suite include:

Development Feasibility

Achieve the best financial outcome for your development project

EstateMaster Development Feasibility (DF) helps you to calculate – with ease and accuracy – each of the key performance indicators for development appraisals and feasibility studies. Profit Margin, Residual Land Value, NPV and IRR to name just a few – all precisely quantified.

Key Features:

  • Evaluate Residual Land Values
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Calculate and forecast key investment performance indicators
  • Conduct multi-option scenario analysis
  • Model Joint Venture arrangements
  • Produce detailed financial reporting
  • Quantify and manage developments
  • Multi-Stage consolidation


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Development Management

Track & manage your project’s development with certainty

EstateMaster Development Management (DM) helps you track and manage your project’s development cash flow and monthly performance with certainty. Update forecasts with actual costs and revenues and compare current forecasts against original or revised budgets at any time – from project start to finish.

Key features:

  • Whole of project life management
  • Importing of Feasibilities
  • Interface with Accounts
  • Budget Tracking
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Financial Performance & reporting capability
  • Quantify and manage development risk
  • Manage project timelines


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Corporate Consolidation

Achieve the best financial outcome for your development project

EstateMaster Corporate Consolidation (CC) delivers a corporate level view of your entire property portfolio or multi-staged project with consolidated cash flow forecasts and corporate funding needs. It’s your key management tool, collating all the detailed project intelligence and analysis already modelled in EstateMaster DF, DM and IA.

Key features:

  • Database integration
  • Portfolio management
  • Data filtering by development & investment
  • Generate over 40 different reports
  • Consolidated funding
  • Pipeline forecasting
  • Multi-currencies
  • Instant dashboards
  • Apply data security


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